Infrared Thermometers and Their Application in Automotive Industry

Infrared thermometers are today the best alternative to the traditional thermometer for gauging temperature in a non – contact manner. They are used in almost every industrial sector that requires measuring temperature in their operations such as in gourmet industry, in household appliances, in electrical appliances, and the automotive industry among many others. In this […]

The Automotive Generation Drives Chevrolet

They are called Baby Boomers, Generation Jones, and just plain Boomers – a segment of the consumer market born between 1943 and 1964 that today, have already raised their families, have a sightline to retirement, and are now focused on what they want, or what they have dreamed about having all their lives. Chevrolet knows […]

Automotive Wheelchair Lift Advantages

People who are disabled sometimes have problems moving about outside the house. Within the house they can move about freely with their wheelchair. But today the outside trip has also become easier due to the automotive wheelchair lift. This technology is a new one and has gained great popularity in recent times. It enables handicapped […]