The Middle class on the verge of decline 

Middle-class consumers have always been the most sought after class for retailers across the globe. Retailers have always offered great discounts and schemes to attract middle class consumers to increase brand loyalty. Recent advances have witnessed a change in the path. The leading retailers, Amazon and Walmart are targeting the upper and lower bound income […]

Key Business Components of the Sales Funnel Structure

The funnel technology, better known as sales funnel building software, can create a real business hike. It will mold and recreate the stages in business for creating the perfect commercial scenario. However, it is necessary to investigate the critical components of funnel technology. It will make it easy for you to make the best use […]

Structuring Small Business Sale Transactions

Selling a privately held business is often romanticized as face-to-face negotiations over business valuations and purchase price. Whether small or large, business transactions can be extremely complex and require a great deal of work behind the scenes. As the size and/or complexity of a transaction increases, the need for innovative structuring options also increases. Deal […]

Exit or Succession Planning For Small Businesses

At some point in time in time every business owner will “exit” their business. In most cases, a small business represents a significant component of family wealth and the owner will be keenly interested in maximizing this value when the business is either sold to an outside 3rd party or key employee, or transferred through […]

Starting a Business For the Wrong Reasons

Statistics has it that 95% of businesses fail within it’s first 5 years, and 80% of businesses that survive pass the 5 years period will eventually fail. Why do businesses fail (and this include online businesses such as a website/blog like this one)? One reason is because most entrepreneurs start their business for all the […]