Construction Site Security: what is its need?

Here are few suggestions to assist guide you in creating a construction Terreinbeveiliging strategy that works perfectly for your company: Generally good PRACTICE. Set up a written Safety Policy for the entire site. Develop a special project site safety plan for your company. Designate a designated supervisory staff for site activities.

Supervising employees – Supervisors can’t be onsite constantly. You will need to hire some extra hands to monitor construction sites. It is important to assign some special people to watch and report back to you. Establish some kind of regular schedule for these people. Encourage safety awareness among all personnel.

Signs and Video – It is crucial to have visible signs pointing to your building site. Post notices to remind potential intruders that they should avoid certain areas. Install video surveillance equipment at high traffic job sites. These things might be costly for construction companies. However, regular monitoring of these job sites will give you a fairly accurate estimate of where your assets are and what actions you need to take in case anyone tries to sneak in.

CCTV Surveillance – For the most part, construction sites in developed countries have a lot of unobservable or dark areas. In such cases, the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras throughout the work site can be very useful in identifying and catching criminals who target such areas. Note though that high resolution surveillance camera systems are more expensive. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most cost-effective construction site security systems you can get.

Access Control – If your property faces a lot of theft or if you want to deter any trespassers from accessing certain parts of the construction sites, you can install access control devices around the building site. Access control alarms are ideal for buildings that have a large amount of windows. The alarm will be triggered if anyone tries to circumvent security measures. This is one of the cheapest and easiest forms of prevention that you can use.

CCTV surveillance – Although many people think that this type of security measures is too intrusive, most law enforcement agencies find that it is very effective in reducing criminal activity at construction sites. In fact, these cameras have become so popular that most banks and other financial institutions opt to install security measures like CCTV cameras at their institutions. Some cities also have the same trend. In addition, there are a lot of security firms that can provide you with cameras that are resistant against weather, such as bulletproof glass.

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