How To Select The Best Crossdraw Holster?

Many people use licensed firearms, and they have to maintain basic safety and security to avoid any unintentional accident and discharge. We’ve been talking about crossdraw holsters for decades. Even in some old international movies, we see some fighting scenes where crossdraw holsters have been used.

Crossdraw holsters are convenient for ladies who like to use a sizable handgun forever. The holsters are small and easy to conceal, but how to grip-friendly they will depend on the size of your gun. If you consider using one of the best holsters, you need to think few essential things before buying. There are many websites on the internet, but has won the popularity of customers.

Why do people love to carry crossdraw holsters?

  • When gun users shoot with more control, they use a crossdraw holster because they can hold the weapon at the elbow and do not have to put pressure on the shoulder.
  • Another reason is protection when a gun user carries a handgun by placing it on the handgrip. Firearms security is an important issue to maintain when passing through a public place. With a gun in the holster, you can maintain a free, safe, and enabled hold.
  • Some crossdraw holsters will allow you to rest your elbows on the support belt. It will save your gun from slipping out of the hand, and the grip will be fine.
  • If you have any shoulder injury or weak rotator cuff muscle, a crossdraw holster can be a handy option.

Types of crossdraw holster

  • OWB: It is the most widely used crossdraw holster with many different designs depending on the material, thumb brakes, accessibility. You need to select satisfactory circumstances if you want to use an OWB crossdraw holster. If you have to do most of the gun shooting while sitting, you can choose the canned version that has the thumb release option, otherwise, you will choose the index finger release.
  • IWB: If you search for deep concealment, an IWB crossdraw holster is ideal, and there is no handle stick out. A large group of people does not follow the style as it is not common, but it has a specific following.


There are many differences between the two types of crossdraw holsters, but the final decision always depends on the user. Depending on what is vital to the gun user, his preferred holster should be selected. If you have strong shoulders and good side carrying capacity, then a crossdraw holster is ideal for you. If you ever want to use an alternative, you can use a paddle holster as it offers a clear and minimalistic design. But if someone finds comfort in crossdraw, it should be carried out publicly.

The most important information to keep in mind is maintenance. Just buying a holster will not make your weapon better. Proper care and proper use will keep it long-lasting for a long period. You also need to consider the environment in which you are using it. The older the leather crossdraw holster, the glossier it will be.

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