Ask BBQs 2u Any Questions Regarding Kamado Ovens

In the United Kingdom people have been quite happy with the service of BBQs 2u, which has so far been serving various delicious grilled food from past few decades. This company is very passionate about barbeque foods and the last few generations have been involved in this business.

Now BBQs 2u has started representing a few world-famous oven companies that prepare the same food that they have been serving the people of UK. Kamado is also one such companies that BBQs 2u is representing in UK. 

Therefore, buyers can get all kinds of after-sales support from BBQs 2u for these ovens that they are now representing. If anyone is interested to know what is Kamado Joe divide & conquer then BBQs 2u can answer them.

The grill grate has been around for a long time and has not changed all that much. In fact, it is difficult to discern whether anything has changed. It just sits around and collects dirt.

What would happen if people gave it something to do other than sit about and do nothing? What if they cut it in half and let it operate at different levels to produce distinct heat zones? For increasing the amount of grilling space what if it could be swapped out for speciality cooking surfaces? What if they made it more adaptable and practical?

That is just what Kamado Joe has accomplished. They have provided multi-level versatility and multi-surface versatility. The Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking range substitutes the traditional grill grate in a unique and revolutionary way.

The “Half Rack Design,” which involves halving all components to enable multi-level and multi-surface versatility, is the key. Three significant benefits over a typical grill grate are provided by two-piece grilling grid and multi-level rack!

The Best Pizza Oven in 2020

The following are a few advantages of this model of Kamado oven:

  1. Twice the cooking space available

There is flexible cooking system available that allows users to cook on two levels simultaneously, virtually doubling the cooking space! Users may even cook on three levels with the optional Grill Expander. This will provide a total cooking surface of 660 square inches.

  1. Different heat zones can be created

The split Kamado Joe Heat Deflector allows users to simultaneously generate multiple heat zones within the grill. On one side, for example, a half Heat Deflector on the lower level and a cooking grate on the top level is installed. 

A user can utilise indirect heat to prepare vegetables here. On the other hand, a half grate can be installed on the lower level to cook the meat at the same time.

  1. Custom cooking surfaces can be added

Users can now add custom halved Kamado Joe Cooking Surfaces to the Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System for even more cooking options! Grates made of laser-cut Stainless Steel or Cast Iron, Cast Iron Griddles, Pizza Stones, and Soap stones are just a few examples.

People these days are posting various reviews about this oven on FaceBook too. Therefore, it will be nice to read them to get a better picture of this oven. 

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