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Household waste, garden waste, and other non-hazardous wastes are problems that people have been dealing with for a long time. Most people in the UK have little or no idea of how to dispose of their rubbish effectively. With the increase in population and the amount of waste generated daily, new solutions have been developed to keep our cities clean and healthy. One reliable way to dispose of your waste safely, quickly, and efficiently is through skip hire services. This article will provide you with helpful tips on how to get rid of your rubbish with
skip hire prices.


  1. Benefits of using skip hire services

Skip hire services are highly beneficial in terms of waste disposal. It saves you time and money, reduces your carbon footprint, and helps protect the environment. If you live in a residential area, hiring a skip can help you safely dispose of household and garden waste, including appliances, garden furniture, and even landscaping debris. Additionally, skip hire services are flexible, allowing you to choose the size of skip you need and how long you need it for. You can choose to hire skips for one day only or up to a week, depending on your needs.

  1. What size of skip do you need?

When looking for a skip, consider the amount and type of waste you wish to get rid of. For instance, building or renovation projects may require larger skips than the ones you may require when clearing your garden. A standard 3.5 cubic yard skip can contain around 35/40 black bag sizes of waste, while larger skips can hold 100-120 bin bags. Accurately estimating your waste flow and choosing the right skip size will save you time and money in the long run. Additionally, most skip hire companies provide a wide variety of skip sizes, from small domestic use to large commercial use for different waste applications.

  1. How do you secure a skip hire service?

When looking to hire a skip, start by researching a reputable and reliable skip hire company with excellent customer ratings. Request quotes from different companies based on the size of skip and the length of time you will need the service. Compare and contrast the estimates they provide and choose the one that meets your requirements. The best time to hire a skip is when you are sure you have enough waste for skip hire, as you pay for the skip size, regardless of how much waste you generate.

  1. How to load a skip

A skip should be placed on a level surface with enough room to load and unload the material. Before loading in your rubbish, make sure the skip lid is closed and the rubbish bags are well-tied to prevent waste from falling out and causing an accident. Be mindful of the weight of the materials you are disposing of and avoid overfilling the skip. Skips can not hold toxic or hazardous waste types such as asbestos, batteries, paint tins, or electronic equipment. Ensure that all materials you throw into the skip are legal and within the skip hire regulations.

  1. What to do when the skip is full?

When the skip is full, re-check to ensure that all the rubbish is in the right place and not above the allowed height. When you are satisfied that everything is in order, contact the skip hire company to inform them that the skip is full. They will come to collect the skip and dispose of the waste in an eco-friendly manner. Most skip hire companies operate recycling facilities, helping to promote a green and healthy environment.


Skip hire services are essential as they save you time and money, reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. Always research and choose a reputable and reliable skip hire company that provides excellent customer ratings. Review and compare quotes from different companies before making a final decision. Loading the skip should always be done with care to ensure rubbish is not overfilled and toxic waste is not included. When the skip is full, your skip hire provider will collect it and dispose of the waste in an eco-friendly manner.

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