How To Make A Good Red/Yellow Card Bet

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Naturally, some teams are more aggressive than others, and some games are more likely to obtain a large number of cards – like local derbies.

Some players also receive a greater number of reprimands, not because they play particularly “dirty,” but because their position forces them to make a large number of defensive attacks, as midfielders normally do.

An example of this is when a defensive midfielder with a high warning count faces an opposition player who is skilled at dribbling and skipping defensive attacks, so that is a sure sign of a potential warning.

First Warning

A first warning bet refers to the prediction of which of the teams in a soccer match will have the player shown a yellow card first.

Safe bets are those that are made against teams that, during their performance, have a negative record as to the amount of reprimands received, in contrast to those that have a positive record.

Another opportunity to bet is when you decide to predict that they will not have reprimanded during the match or bet on which of the players in a team will have the first card.

The Team That Has A Cautioned Player

This bet has the particularity that the bettor predicts with cash or free bets, whether or not the player of a team will be cautioned during the course.

Red cards are not taken into account as a warning in this regard, but punters can predict which team is shown card regardless of color.

Warning Of Determined Player

For the most important games (that is, the games in the highest levels of the league of the major nations that play football), you will be able to receive the chances of a certain player being reprimanded during the game.

Keep in mind that if your bookmaker does not give you such odds regarding a match, you can contact the sports bookmaker directly to see if they will offer you a price for the player you wish to bet to receive a warning.

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