Remove Your Watch Before Winding It Manually To Care For The Watch

Yet another piece of advice that is relatively unknown to new watch owners. The crown appears to be accessible while you are wearing your watch on your wrist, but it is more than advisable to remove it before using it. First of all, you have to be very careful with the axis you pull a crown to unlock it. An imperfect angle can affect the operation of the movement and even cause some parts to break.


Then, by winding your watch without wearing it on your wrist, you will be much more able to feel the resistance that arises as you approach maximum winding. It is important never to force the crown and stop as soon as you feel this resistance between your fingers. Many watches are equipped with winding mechanisms that ensure that the balance of the movement is never damaged and can be wound infinitely. Still, the majority of watches like Rolex Cellini moonphase have this resistance that should not be forced.

Once you have finished winding your watch or using the crown, also pay close attention to how you return it to its original position that it will occupy daily. As for the screw-thread crowns, take care to screw them back firmly, again without forcing. A crown that is incorrectly screwed in or incorrectly replaced can create a breach in the sealing system, which will affect the operation of the watch in the more or less long term.

Store Your Watch In A Safe Place

As we have seen, watches deserve special attention when in use. But this is also the case when they are not. Remember to store your watch in a safe place, in a room at room temperature. Extreme temperatures in either direction can affect the operation of the movement and the accuracy of the watch or make certain information unreadable due to fog or the like.


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