School Reinforcement: Digital Tutoring Transforming Learning

School reinforcement is a practice that significantly influences one of the primary education objectives: to promote a quality teaching and learning process. Regardless of the teaching method, learning is never the same for everyone. Each student has their individualities and difficulties.

Difficulties in the learning process appear for various reasons, whether for intrinsic factors (affective and cognitive characteristics of the student), extrinsic (adopted methodologies and school structure), or for lack of resources that allow the content to be passed on to the student in a way that he understands you.

Factors That Affect Learning

Therefore, to ensure the quality of learning, personalized support is needed. Such monitoring becomes unfeasible to be done inside the classroom since the teacher has many students to attend to. In this context, school reinforcement aims to break down barriers of reasoning inequality and help understand concepts taught in the classroom in a personalized way.

School Reinforcement To Improve Learning

The classes of strengthening school are ways of helping students effectively understand the matters passed within the classroom. They also help in the fixation and practical application of the studied content.

The tutor, the professional responsible for the reinforcement classes, is the one who facilitates the learning process and explains the concepts of the classroom through different views and languages, taking into account, in this process, the particularities of each student.

During tutoring, the content can, and should, be presented in different ways until it is understood. The complement given by school reinforcement generates greater engagement and willingness to learn in students. Moreover, it is an essential tool for removing psychological barriers affecting the process of teaching and learning.

During the individual service, the student can express themselves better and feel safer to answer their questions. What often doesn’t happen in the classroom, where there are several voices with particular difficulties.

Types Of School Support

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a great tool to deliver personalized learning and hybrid. It works through a dynamic process with unique features. By online tutoring, the student has access to teachers who are available at all times to answer their questions.

Classes can take place any day of the week, at any time, which respects the individual learning process of each student. The online tutoring system also allows the student to talk to someone who has had experiences similar to their own, generating greater motivation for studying.

Private Lessons

In private classes, all interaction needs to be scheduled; the student to study gmat (เรียน gmat which is the term in Thai) arrives with difficulty and has a closed time to talk to the teacher. Moreover, tutoring has no extra personalized support because they are highly targeted to the questions.

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