Tips For Preparing For A Proficiency Exam

An essential step for the exchange student is the proficiency test and technics for ielts speaking part (เทคนิคทำข้อสอบ ielts speaking part which is the term in Thai), an indicator of the level of knowledge in a given language taken at the end of the course. The most common are TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), and Cambridge. Having a good score is extremely important for getting a job or getting into a university.  

Like before taking any test, anxiety and several doubts can arise when the date is close. With that in mind, we made this article with some tips for you to prepare in the best way and get a great test score!

Pay Attention To The Timer

Every exam has a time limit, and the proficiency test is no different. To avoid despair about the time on the day of taking the test, a good tip is to do test simulations with a stopwatch, so you can adapt to the time and answer the questions faster. Organize your time well, and don’t waste it.

Attention To The Statement

Not reading the statement carefully hinders understanding and, consequently, the answer. So pay close attention to reading the question. Make sure there are no catches or mistakes, read as many times as necessary, and always keep an eye on the time limit.

be updated

Current affairs such as politics and entertainment are very recurring themes in tests. Keeping track of what is happening around the world can be very helpful. Always read reliable news sources and keep an eye on what’s new.

Don’t Forget To Study Grammar

Knowing how to listen, write and speak a specific language is essential for carrying out a proficiency test, but grammar will also be present in the questions. Give importance to it during your studies and ask questions to help you understand the more technical aspects of the language.

Practice Listening, Speaking, And Writing

As stated in the previous topic, knowing how to understand the language of spoken, heard, and written forms are essential when taking the test, so be sure to practice all the time, watching series, talking to natives of the language, and writing a lot, etc. All this makes you practice the language and absorb all the information.

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