Ways to Fix a cracked minecraft Game

The world of Minecraft is a vast, ever-changing place. It can be scary for new players, who might be struck by the sheer number of options available. It can also be scary for those who play the game often; there might be hidden dangers in the world or a block might stop working suddenly.

Or maybe you just caught yourself spending too much time in the game, either way, you can get back to the game and have fun playing it without stressing too much. Here are a few tips that will help you get back on your feet and play the game again read on if you want to learn how to fix a cracked Minecraft game.


Stay updated

Minecraft is always updating with new features, new blocks, and more besides being a good way to have access to all the latest updates, staying updated will also help you keep your game up-to-date in case of any problems that might be coming up.


Don’t play on servers you know

One of the most common causes of a cracked minecraft game is playing on servers you know, servers that you frequently play on are usually moderated to prevent players from hacking or spamming. This means that if you’ve been playing on a server for a long time, then it’s possible that someone there has found a way to crack the game and hack other players.

Hacked servers are sometimes moderated less, which means that hackers can get away with their actions and still be able to access the server, if you don’t want your Minecraft game to be at risk of being compromised, then it’s best not to play on servers you know too well.


Reset your game

The easiest and most straightforward way to fix a cracked or broken Minecraft game is to reset the game, resetting your game will set everything back to its original state, making it like you just bought the game.

This will remove any glitches that happened to you, such as blocks not working anymore or monsters spawning in the wrong place, if you want to be extra careful, create a backup before resetting your game so you can restore it if something goes wrong.


Make a new world

Making a new world is the simplest way to fix your game, to make a new world, start off by going to the File menu on a windows computer or clicking New on an Apple, Choose to Create New World, and then enter the name of your world.

The next step is to choose the game mode you want to play in and set any other options you want Click Create World and then click Play when it is finished creating the new world for you.


Go virtual and change your username

If you have a cracked Minecraft game, there is no point in trying to fix it you can’t use the Minecraft launcher if you have a cracked game, so you’re going to need to go virtual.

This will not only allow you to change your username and make it more personal, but it will also give you access to the old cracked account files.

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